This month we are focussing on keeping our wants listings active. It is Time to update your offers and wants, ESPECIALLY YOUR WANTS.

Here's your mission: look at the inspirations list attached, brainstorm for yourself and enter as many wants as you can onto the community exchange.

OR email them to me.

You can see how our wants list is growing by clicking on WANTS

Can you think of 40 things you want? Katrin from Tablelands LETS did. Remember, your wants are somebody else's job offer.

Carleon from Stanthorpe LETS explains more:

FAQ: Do I really need to think of something I Want?

A: YES! Want lots of things!! ...

It's really exciting that people are joining up with Offering as a priority, but it's vital to remember that this is a RECIPROCAL system! The general aim is to maintain a balance which is heading towards Zero, meaning you receive as much as you give and vice versa.

Listing 'Wants' is a responsibility as it gives people a chance to give to you! So list as many as you can - no matter how out there huge or minutely trivial it may seem.

A negative balance is not a 'bad debt', it is a genuine commitment to return to the community when you find an opportunity, which is your responsibility as a distributor of Credits.

You do not need to receive Credits before you begin to distribute them - imagine that - we would all be sitting around waiting for something to happen.

Having a healthy list of Wants on the exchange gives members a chance to exercise skills they might not have realised were needed, or to offer the use of a tool they didn't realise was of value to anybody, or simply to get out there and provide something of value to someone in order to create a trend towards Zero in their own account.

AND, It is REALLY important to give people every possible chance to give to you, so that you - as a "giver" - are able to maintain a trend towards Zero.