Question: I dont have time to sit by my computer very often, and so I don't log in to the Community Exchange much. When I'm out and about, can I use Facebook to post my wants and offers?

When you are out and about, here are some options:

1. On your mobile phone or tablet, browse Offers and Wants without logging in

Go to

Here you can see tabs for wants and offerings in the menu bar. Click here and you will see all current wants or offerings from Condamine Community Exchange.

All current wants and offerings from our neighbouring groups can be found on this page:

2. Access the Community Exchange site on your mobile!
Access this site on your mobile phone, find contact details for the offers or wants you have just viewed, enter your trades, check your statement, and a lot more!

Go to and log in just as you would to the Community Exchange site. This works from any GSM network worldwide.

If you have a modern mobile phone it should have a built in web browser. If not, use your WAP browser to download Opera Mini from

3.  Facebook - Yes and No

Members are invited to join our closed Facebook group  (Condamine Catchment Group Page)

You are welcome to post your wants and offers on this page -  we do prefer that you first post them on the community exchange system, but we understand that sometimes things need to happen quickly and we don't want to discourage fast trading!

However, to enter your trades, you DO need to log into the community exchange system. Remember, it is the SELLER who needs to enter the trades.

If this is never going to happen,

4. Ask your helpful Admin to you find someone who is willing to log in on your behalf and enter your offers, wants and transactions.

We are committed to running a paper-based system for those that do not use computers.

PS ALL trading through the Community Exchange System must be entirely in Community Exchange Credit Units, ideally 100% but no less than 50% (and no more than 50% Australian dollars).

This applies no matter where the offers and wants are posted.