We're excited about our new coupons and can't wait for you to see them. These coupons are suitable to use as gift cards to friends, or to give as a thank-you to your staff or volunteers.

Click here to see the choice of designs. 

The first sets are from graphic artists Kellie Dudziak and Alison Bird.

The coupons can be used to trade goods or services from members of the Community Exchange, or they can be redeemed for Community Credits by returning them to Admin.

Please be willing to accept these coupons from buyers. It is easy to redeem them for Community Credits – just return them to Janet along with your name and membership number.

The denominations are 5, 25 or 100 credits. To "purchase" some you use your Community Credits - contact Janet to get started.

This is what appears on the back of the coupons:   Click here to see the BACK of the coupon

A couple more things:

When you are the SELLER, PLEASE ACCEPT them!

- It will really help the exchange if you are willing to accept these coupons when you are offered them as a trade for your goods or services.

- But you are not expected to give change - read on below.

When you are the BUYER

- Please do not expect change to be given when you want to use a high-value coupon for a low-value trade. This is not ever going to work. In this situation, your options are:
** select more items to buy until you reach the total value of the coupon
** trade in the usual way on the exchange (with a trading sheet), AND redeem the coupon for Community Credits into your account by returning it to Janet with your name and membership number.

- Accepting the coupons is at the discretion of the seller. I hope that as the coupons become more well known, they will become popular and widely accepted. But to start with, they are something new for everyone to get used to.